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The Spring Del Puerto Canyon 200k has been POSTPONED

In the wider world beyond randonneuring things have been moving quickly. Public events much larger than our scheduled brevet have been cancelled or postponed, but on a much smaller scale, the State of California issued a statewide guidance on mass gatherings that has implications for gatherings as small as 10 people. The latter can proceed as long as a 6 foot social distance can be implemented. As easily as our event could be described as meeting that guideline because it takes place outdoors, so too could a list of likely instances where it would just not meet that guideline despite being outdoors. As one example, the Del Puerto Canyon 200 route has always been one that would see riders participate in pacelines where that 6 foot distance would be breached in an environment where the respiratory droplets that spread COVID-19 could be present.

The San Francisco Randonneurs Board met this week to discuss what to do and as a group decided that the better path would be to work toward helping our communities slow the spread of COVID-19 and not run the risk of potentially adding to the burden being faced by medical services right now by postponing the Spring Del Puerto Canyon 200k brevet. This includes the worker's ride planned for this Sunday for the volunteers that would have been supporting the brevet. The event will be rescheduled, but a new date has not been yet

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thu, Jan 2 2020 by SFR Staff

January 2020

  1. 2019 recap, 2020 look forward
  2. RUSA *and* SFR Membership and 2020 SFR brevets
  3. SFR hosted email lists
  4. January SFR calendar
  5. Volunteering for SFR
  6. SFR gear update
2019 SFR Recap, 2020 look forward
In 2019, the San Francisco Randonneurs held 30 brevets, the most we've ever done. Over those 30 brevets we hosted over 1000 riders. We pulled this off with fewer volunteers per event as well. By year's end, we also reached a new high in the number of RUSA members who named SFR as their home club (428!). Attendance in 2019 was down a bit from 2018. This follows a (new) pattern where the highest ridership is the year *before* a PBP. 
As of today, all of the 2019 brevet cards have been put in the mail with the last ones hitting the outgoing box today. Most of you have received them and also found one of the 2020 SFR Postcard calendars which we hope you will either display on your fridge, bulletin board or pass along to a friend who is interested in brevets.
In 2020 we have 29 events planned so far (and almost certainly will add a populaire in December to coincide with the SFR holiday party and annual meeting). The year after a PBP, which will be 2020, ridership usually drops. Using the pattern from 2015 to 2016, we are expecting about a 20% drop off in ridership for 2020 over 2019. Even still, we won't be sitting on our hands and letting ridership lag. The Fleche Norcal returns to San Francisco after a year being hosted by Davis, and we've revamped the Adventure Series calendar to compress the time frame of events, changed the order to increase from the 200k to the 600k and we'll be adding staffed controls to replace unstaffed or info controls.  With the opening of the Richmond San Rafael bridge to bikes we'll also explore adding some new routes that begin and/or end in the East Bay.
You can find the SFR calendar on the SFR website as well as using the RUSA website search tool.
RUSA *and* SFR Membership and 2020 SFR brevets
Beginning in October 2019, insurance requirements meant that all riders on SFR brevets needed to be club members. At that time, SFR covered the cost of insurance for 2019 and anyone signing up for a brevet was automatically added to the membership rolls. We also formalized membership in SFR. Two big changes were that a) membership renewal changed from being passive (participate on a brevet or list SFR as your home club on your RUSA membership and your membership would renew) to a much more active process where memberships expire each year and to renew you needed to fill out the membership form, and b) there were now dues for membership. The old process meant we had a large number of riders who hadn't ridden with SFR in years, and it was hard to gauge what active membership was.
On December 3rd, Randonneurs USA which sanctions the brevets we host began to require membership in RUSA for all participants. The end result of this is that now riders on SFR brevets need to be *current* members of Randonneurs USA *and* also be current members of SFR.
You can search your membership status on the RUSA website and if you need to renew (or join) you can go here.
To renew (or join) SFR, you can do that on the membership form. If you don't recall your SFR membership status, please just send an email to
Please be sure to join SFR before you register for brevets.
SFR hosted email lists
There are three email lists associated with the San Francisco Randonneurs:
1. San Francisco Randonneurs: This is a discussion group, and there is no need to be a member of the San Francisco Randonneurs to join. The only requirement is that discussion topics should be about randonneuring. Not all subscribers to this list are SFR members, not all subscribers get email or digests. Messages to this list will as a result be seen by only a fraction of SFR membership.
2. PBP_prep: This is also a discussion group, and there also is no need to be a member of the San Francisco Randonneurs to join. This list was created to minimize the amount of PBP related discussion on the general SFR list. While SFR sends quite a number of riders to France  it really has only been about 20% of membership so PBP related topics weren't always of interest to the full SFR email list.
3. San Francisco Randonneurs Announcements: When you join SFR, you will get an invitation to be on this list. Traffic is quite low and the list is a means for SFR to send announcements to members. As an SFR member you are not required to join this list, but it is the best way to get timely receipt of announcements. You are getting this message via the SFR Announcements list based on your 2019 or 2020 membership. Over the next week or so, we'll be cleaning up the subscriptions on the Announcements List to match current SFR membership. If you haven't already, please consider renewing your SFR membership.
January SFR calendar
We have two events scheduled for January. Registration for those and other 2020 events is open now.
Sunday, January 12: Point Reyes Populaire. This will begin and end at East Beach in Crissy Field, and we'll have the traditional post ride picnic.
Saturday, January 25: Pierce Point 200km. This route is a revision of the old Pt. Reyes Lighthouse 200.  The NPS won't allow us to use that old route so we revised it to go to Pierce Point Ranch instead, and to turn around at Nick's Cove instead of in Marshall.
Volunteering for SFR
Our events only happen because of the support of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know by sending email to Volunteers at SFR.
You can earn 2020 SFR membership credit by volunteering for us in 2020. At the end of the year, our Volunteer Secretary will send 2020 volunteers a note about membership credits earned.
We are also looking for a few Volunteer Coordinators. If you can be the VC for either the Hopland 400km or the Fort Bragg 600km in April and May respectively, please send us email. Don't be shy if you feel you don't know all the details of managing this. The past VC for these events is ready and willing to help you learn the ropes.
We'll be updating the Volunteers page soon to list the types of tasks for brevets needing volunteers, but  short list would be Day of ride contact (DORC), start control, finish control, and for several event we need volunteers for staffed controls.
SFR gear update
Below is a lit of the SFR gear for sale to members. Separately, here is an update to that info. Bob Cauthorn is working with our Reflective Vest vendor to make a few changes and hopes to have ordering up later this month. We last placed an order in the spring of 2019, largely for riders going to PBP, but the vests proved popular independently from those travel plans.
Missing from the list below are *Black* SFR wool socks. We've sold out of those and hope to reorder those soon, but first we need to clear out a bit more sock and other inventory. There was a sale on socks which ended on 12-31, but we aren't raising prices all the way back so there is still an opportunity to get a discount on the sock styles we have left.
NB: Not on the list below are SFR reflective mud flaps. Since this list below was first sent out we reordered mudflaps and have nearly sold out of those, but we still have 2 pair left. Those are $18 a set.

reflective ankle bands none $3.00
Purist water bottles none $8.00
Wallz caps blue Sm-Md cotton $25.00
Wallz caps blue Lg-Xl cotton $25.00
Tall Fog socks grey Sm-Md wool $6.00
Tall Fog socks grey Lg-Xl wool $6.00
Tall Black socks black Sm-Md wool sold out
Tall Black socks black Lg-Xl wool sold out
Regular Fog Socks grey Sm-Md wool $6.00
Regular Fog Socks grey Lg-Xl wool $6.00
Patches none $1.00
pins none $2.00
phone bags none $2.00
Take-a-look Mirror original original $10.00
Voler mens wind vest vc1252200 large race cut $70.00
Voler mens peleton vc1100100-a 2xl club cut/short sleeve $85.00
Voler mens genesis v1020402E Large race cut/long sleeve $85.00
Voler Mens Genesis v3000700A XL club cut/short sleeve $85.00
Woolistic mens regular S short sleeve $130.00
Woolistic mens regular M short sleeve $130.00
Woolistic mens regular L short sleeve $130.00
Woolistic mens regular XL short sleeve $130.00
Woolistic mens regular L long sleeve $140.00
Woolistic mens regular 3XL long sleeve $140.00
Woolistic mens lightweight S short sleeve sold out
Woolistic mens lightweight L short sleeve $140.00
Woolistic mens PBP LOGO regular M short sleeve $130.00