Feb 23 08 300km brevet: called off
Feb 23 08 300km brevet: called off

Hi everyone.

I am calling off the brevet tomorrow
due to the portion of the forecast that indicates the area will experience sustained winds of 40+mph, gusting over 50mph. My chief concern is the evening bridge crossing in the presence of these winds. I know a number of riders became pedestrians last year on the 300km due to the winds at the bridge and it strikes me that the forecast is for winds more severe than those last year. 

My plan, which I will confirm later, is to hold the ride on Saturday of next weekend. 

I regret that this decision may disappoint some riders, though I've gotten dozens of notes from riders who have already decided not to attend tomorrow. Choosing to be the RBA means that I have to deal with these situations and make decesions that someone, even it it is only one person, won't like. I am making this decesion in the interests of safety. 

If you have complaints, you know my email address.