August 17th brevet signups so far
August 17th brevet signups so far

Hi all, 

So far we have about 30 signups for the August 17th brevet. I'm going to get the brevet cards printed today after work (workers ride is tomorrow) and wondered if people could tell me if they are intending to still sign up but just haven't sent in their registration form yet. This will help me determine how many cards to have printed.

If you know today that you intend to sign up but haven't yet, please let me know before 3pm today so I can make sure to order enough cards.

We have enough volunteers to work the start so that same day sign up can be done. For those whose plans won't allow them to decide on riding until late next week, please send me email by Saturday, 5pm on the 16th to let me know you will sign up same day. Bringing a signed release form and registration would certainly help the volunteers working the start. We will have a limited number of extra brevet cards on hand.

rob hawks
sfr rba