San Francisco Randonneurs Wool jerseys
San Francisco Randonneurs Wool jerseys

Hi all,

The votes are in.  There was a clear winner- Design 6 on Wool. (view winning design)

The committee discussed the results with ourselves and Portland Cyclewear and concluded that maximum flexibility is possible.

To that end the San Francisco Randonneurs Jersey will have a similar logo design and similar theme (the two color shacer style) but there will be color choices.

It is available in the following colors:

Charcoal/White (Recommended San Francisco Randonneurs Jersey)

It is available in the following sizes:

Size Chart
Chest Waist Rear Length
S- 33.2" 27"-29" 24.4"
M- 37.8" 30"-32" 26.4"
L- 41.0" 32"-34" 27.6"
XL- 43.7" 34"-36" 28.0"
XXL- 47.0" 36"-38" 28.7"
Front Length 1 1/2" shorter

Please note, the jerseys are cut & sized for riding, not sized wide in the lower body like a T-shirt. But they are not tight fitting like a racing jersey.

It is available in the following sleeve lengths:

Long Sleeve
Sort Sleeve

The prices will be as follows:

Long Sleeve:  $90
Short Sleeve: $70

The Club can place an order if we get orders for 24 jerseys.  Prices may go lower if we exceed 25 jerseys.

If you are interested provide a pledge via email to Jack Holmgren and myself (Todd) by September 17, 2006.  Please follow your pledge up with payment to Jack (payable to John Holmgrem) at:

Jack Holmgren
San Francisco Randonneurs
6667 Aitken Drive
Oakland, CA    94611

To secure an order with arrival in the late December early January time frame we need to place orders soon.  We prefer payment by September 24.  If we don't receive enough orders by that date and if the payments and pledges aren't the same,  we will send out reminders September 25 to those non-paid pledges.  If the order count is still below the minimum as of September 30, 2006 and after the reminder is sent out, payments will be refunded.  If payments come in after the reminder cut off we will refund your payment.  If enough interest is there subsequent orders may be placed.

You can download an order form in PDF format here  

Todd Teachout
San Francisco Randonneurs
San Francisco Regional Brevet Administrator