2007 official season Wrap-Up Message
2007 official season Wrap-Up Message

2007 San Francisco Brevet Entrants:
The 2007 Series is completed. Thank you for your interest and support.

For those of you headed for France. Good luck. The Brittany part of France, where PBP travels, is a little flatter than Northern California. Highway 1 is a close approximation of the more difficult sections of the PBP course. France is also muggier and warmer than the California coastal regions (greater bay area) but cooler than the Central Valley region. A really good guide is to prepare is to acquire the RUSA Handbook. It is available on the RUSA website. The Burke/Pavelka Book of Long Distance Cycling is also a good general reference. Good nutrition/hydration is as much a key to success in PBP as strength and aerobic conditioning. Do many long rides here before you go to dial in you calorie and fluid needs. Again, remember that because it is more humid in France adjustments will be needed after you arrive.

For entrants who ordered medals but didn’t do the event(s) are entitled to a medal fee refund. I will be processing medal fee refunds through May and June as I wrap up loose ends.

All brevet and Fleche Entrants will be forwarded “certified” ride cards in the coming months. Ican’t say when because it all depends on when the stamps come in from RUSA through ACP.In 2006 they came in during late September and were sent out in September through November. I’m guessing that this will happen again this year.

Medal fulfillment will occur when the medals arrive. As of the end of April I’m still waiting. Last year they arrived in the early fall. I’ve not been briefed on whether a new design will be struck this year. In the past, ACP has struck new designs during the PBP year for the brevet medals, the Super Randonneur Medal and the PBP Medal. The brevet and SR medals designs are then used for the next 3-4 years.

San Francisco Randonneur Jersey Samples arrived the day before the start of the 600k Brevet. Those of you who participated in that event had the opportunity to see them and try them on. They are nice. Final delivery date has still not been finalized. Jack Holmgrem, the Jersey project coordinator or I will be in contact when they arrive. Again, many thanks for your patience in this effort.

Several people entered the brevet series or individual brevet events and then elected not to do the event. If you would like a refund please write to me. If your request conforms to the entry rules, a partial refund will be made.

Next year there will be changes. It is still too early to say what they will be. Stop by from time to time to see what they may be.

Happy Cycling Adventures,

Todd Teachout
San Francisco Randonneurs