2008 200k & 300k registered riders
2008 200k & 300k registered riders

Happy New Year,

As of January 14th 2008 January 18th 2008, we have 76 86 riders signed up for the January 26th, 2008 200km Brevet, and 64 61, riders signed up for the February 23rd, 2008 300km brevet. If your name appears in either or both lists that means I've gotten your brevet application and your payment for that ride. Some riders have ordered medals, and I'll confirm separately with those riders regarding the medals they have requested.

If your name does not appear here and you sent in your application more than a week ago, check with me so we can follow up on tracking down your application. I won't be cashing any of the checks until January 2nd, just so you know.

Carlos and I will work on keeping the listing as up to date as possible, but frankly the bottleneck will likely be me. Doing the paper work is nothing like rocket surgery of course, but to be honest I'm still figuring out the most efficient way to process all this stuff and no surprise, it is time consuming. Be sure and thank Todd for doing all this stuff without help for FOUR YEARS.

rob hawks
2008 sfr rba

2008 registered riders

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First Name Last Name 200k 300k
Mark Abrahams
Brian Aldrich
Brooks Allen
Robert Baldino  
James Bauer  
Greg Beato
Keith Beato
Jason Benford
Bruce Berg
Mike Biswell  
Jim Bradbury
Robert Buntrock
Denny Burnham
Robert Burton
Matthew Chapman
Mark Cronander
Raj Crow
John Curd
Steve Downey
Carlos Duque
Gregory Durbin  
Paul Duren
Veronica Dyson
Jim Edgar  
Gabe Ehlert
Ken Emerson  
Mark Engebretson  
Alfonso Estrada  
Rich Fisher
Anthony Gilbert
Brett Gilbert  
James Gourgoutis
Kitty Goursolle
Joe Gross
Tom Haggerty
Geoffrey Hastings
Rob Hawks
Aaron Holby  
Ken Holloway  
John Holmgren
Mark Homrighausen  
Timothy Houck
Gianguido Jacoli  
Tim Jensen  
Ken Johnson
Zach Kaplan
Masayoshi Kobayashi
Albert Kong
Tom Lawrence
Alan Lehman
Lisa Lestishock  
Andrew Letton
Aaron Little
Tim Louis  
Vladislav Luskin  
Phillip Magallanes
Joe Mariscal  
Joseph Maurer
Richard McCaw
Jason McPhate
Lisa-Susan McPhate
Greg Merritt  
Ernesto Montenero
Willy Nevin
Eric Nordman
Lane Parker  
Tim Parker  
Robbins Peek
Joanne Petithory  
Jason Pierce
Alex Plumb
Max Poletto  
Graham Pollock  
Robert Pompeani
Anurang Revri
John Russell  
Thomas Russell
Steve Saeedi  
Kevin Salyer
Tyler Shada  
Ken Shoemaker
Jeffrey Shopoff  
Ed So  
Donald Strachan
David Strong
Todd Teachout
Brian Verstegen  
John Vieira-McEldowney
Thornton Weiler