2009 registered riders
2009 registered riders

There has been a recent uptick in the number of signups for the 230km night time brevet this coming weekend (June 13, 2009). Entries mailed by Monday June 06 will certainly get to me in time. If you can't mail your entry but still want to ride, I can take registration paperwork and payment at check in on the day of the event if you send me email letting me know you plan to ride. That way, I can have a card ready for you at checkin and better plan any snacks for the ride finish.

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The current list of registered riders for the SFR events as of May, 20 2009


First Name Last Name Ft. Bragg 600k (May) 200k Night (Jun)
Bruce Berg  
Scott Brittle  
Chris Browder  
Dwight Brown  
Robert Buntrock  
Patrice Coutier  
Carlos Duque
Paul Duren  
Gabe Ehlert
Ken Emerson  
Mark Engebretson
Matthew Fitzpatrick  
Christian Fritze  
Chris Frothinger  
Stephen George  
Anthony Gilbert  
James Gourgoutis  
Kitty Goursolle  
Tom Haggerty
Geoffrey Hastings
Rob Hawks
Nicole Honda  
Timothy Houck
Harry Hugel  
Ken Johnson
Masayoshi Kobayashi  
Albert Kong  
Reid Kowalis
James Marchant
Joseph Maurer  
Richard McCaw  
Lisa-Susan McPhate  
Greg Merritt
Donald Mitchell  
Mike Mullenberg  
Joseph Mundo  
Willy Nevin
Robbins Peek
Jason Pierce  
Vidas Placiakis  
Alex Plumb  
Max Poletto
John Potis  
Kevin Salyer  
Ken Shoemaker  
David Strong  
Andrea Symons  
Todd Teachout