2013 NorCal Fleche
2013 NorCal Fleche

Hi, intrepid randonneurs.

The NorCal brevet season is in full swing and the weather has been great! Let's hope the weekend for the 2013 Flèche also features good weather.

We currently have 5 teams in various stages of the registration process, and at least 3 others I know of in stealth mode. Remember that registration is not an all-or-nothing process; the first step is simply sending me an email and letting me know you have (or are assembling) a team for this year. All the other details (route submission, forms, payment, etc.) are worked out along the way.

There is approximately one month left until the registration deadline, so don't wait until the last minute!! As an added bonus, earlier registration gives you first choice of starting times (I often have to modify starting times based on esoteric flèche rule requirements you don't want to know about), so if you want that 9am start and the possibility of sleeping in on March 30th, let me know ASAP! Your reward will be a great meal at Crepes on Cole! ;-)

Also, while the Flèche does not require as many volunteers as a regular brevet, we do need some help. We need a contact person who will be reachable by phone/email during the 24+ hours of the event to communicate DNFs, team issues, etc. We already have one volunteer for the finish (thanks, Jesse!) but could use 2 or possibly 3 more to meet the teams, help collect and pre-validate the team cards & receipts, watch bicycles, and pay for team meals. If you're interested, please email me.

If you're interested in riding for 24 hours with some of your closest cycling friends (or perfect strangers) but are unsure where to start, send me an email (I'm not going to repeat the address again) and I'll fill you in. I exist to serve!

Roland Bevan
Your friendly neighborhood Flèche coordinator