2013 San Francisco Randonneurs Jersey projects
2013 San Francisco Randonneurs Jersey projects

The San Francisco Randonneurs is working on four jersey projects at the moment. What is needed now from you is a show of interest large enough to indicate that the project(s) should move forward. There are two designs under consideration for production of four jersey styles, two each in wool and synthetic:

  1. Current Traditional Synthetic SFR jersey tri-color (Blue, White, Green) with the SFR logo
  2. Current Traditional Wool SFR jersey tri-color (Blue, White, Green) with the SFR logo
  3. New Design Synthetic as shown in design below.*
  4. New Design Wool as shown in design below.*
(*Note from Carlos: This is a mockup of a Synthetic jersey prototype that is being made for me so I added the Colombian Flag on one sleeve and the USA flag on the other. For the final jersey the treatment of the black band on the sleeves will be different, one sleeve will have a "strip" of small flags of the countries represented by current SFR members  The other sleeve will have no flags. An update to the mockup with the strip of flags will be done soon. Both, front and back of the jersey are the same)

Please note that this is not an either - or proposition. Given enough interest, all projects may go forward. At this point we basically need a show of hands for interest in either or both designs. We do not know what prices would be charged for the jerseys largely because we do not know how many of each would be ordered or for that matter who the final vendor will be.

Please send email to jersey@sfrandonneurs.org, with "2013 Jersey project" as the subject, and in the message body, please state the number of jerseys you think you'll order of either design, For example, if you would like one short sleeve jersey each of the Current Traditional design and the New Design, your message would read "1 A) Current Traditional Synthetic, 1 C) New Design Synthetic." If you think you'd like a short and a long sleeve version of the New Design in Wool, simply write "2 D) New Design Wool".

This message will be sent to the SFR email list, as well as to all current and active members. We are hoping to move forward with either or both projects by March 15th so please don't delay in indicating your interest.