SFR 2008 ACP event dates announcement
SFR 2008 ACP event dates announcement

Hello all,

As part of my application for SFR RBA, I submitted dates for the 200 and 300km brevets that RUSA allows for first year RBAs. Those dates were approved within my application, but also needed to be submitted for the calendar for 2008 as a separate step. I've taken care of that 2nd step and can announce the dates for next year's SFR brevets.

200km: Saturday, January 26th
300km: Saturday, February 23rd

These have been submitted as ACP events.  The routes will be identical to 2007 for the 200 and 300 respectively, and start times will very likely be the same as well.

With your help these events can be pulled off with the level of quality that RUSA expects, and therefore SFR could be able to host more brevets (RUSA sanctioned, but not ACP) in 2008. It is my hope that we can offer a Fall Series of some sort. Holding our brevets early in the year leaves us in a better position to offer more brevets should we pass muster after the 300km in February.

A word about other local brevets. In the recent past, we have been quite lucky in Northern California to have four active RBAs and four brevet series within driving distance of the Bay Area. It looks as if the Davis Bike Club will not be hosting brevets in 2008. Santa Cruz will be offering a shorter calendar of events than last year, and it is not known to me exactly what will be offered by Santa Rosa.

In other SFR news, very shortly there will be a change in the club web page. Details on this are still being ironed out and will be issued later.

Also, I'd like to ask if anyone out there is interested in being a Volunteer Coordinator. If you'd like to do this, and have ideas on what this role should entail, please contact me. For starters, I would hope to find someone that would commit to holding the position for the 2008 brevet calendar, and would be responsible for enlisting volunteers for all support positions for each brevet, plus securing backups for those roles. I should note right now it is my hope that I could ride *some* if not all of the SFR brevets. Trust me, there is plenty of work that would still be done by the RBA so I wouldn't get off that easy.

rob hawks
2008 SFR RBA