Assessing interest in SFR Voler jersey
Assessing interest in SFR Voler jersey

Hello Riders,
Since the last SFR Voler Jersey order, SFR has grown in numbers. While there is clearly some interest in a new order for the existing SFR Voler jersey design, there hasn't been a specific request to the full club to express interest.

Before moving forward, I would like to assess that interest to see if there is enough of that to meet the minimum order threshold.

Please let me know if you are interested in ordering the current SFR Voler design for jerseys, vests, wind jackets, thermal jackets. Please indicate what and how many you might order if you can please, and send your message to

Please note that prices are not yet determined and would be subject to final order numbers. Also, no delivery date can be known at this point.

This is only a request to calculate interest in order to take the next step.

rob hawks
sfr rba