Fall 2008 200k registered riders
Fall 2008 200k registered riders

Here is a list of registered riders for the two Fall 200k events as of September 15 2008. This list may be updated a couple of times before the event

Fall 2008 events registered riders
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First Name Last Name 08/17/08 10/04/08
Mark Abrahams  
Keith Beato
Mark Behning  
Bruce Berg
Mike Biswell  
John Curd
Carlos Duque  
Paul Duren  
Veronica Dyson
Gabe Ehlert
Justin Eichenlaub  
Bill Ellis
Mark Engebretson  
Rich Fisher  
Kevin Foley  
Christian Fritze  
Jim Gordon  
Chris Gospodnetich  
Jim Gourgoutis
Kitty Goursoursolle  
Rob Hawks  
Ken Holloway  
Ken Johnson
Charlie Jonas  
William Kennedy  
Ken Knutson  
Alan Lehman  
Phil Magallenes  
Bruce Marchant  
James Marchant  
Joseph Maurer  
Jason McPhate  
Lisa Susan McPhate
Donald Mitchell  
Peter Morrissey  
Willy Nevin
Robbins Peek
Alex Plumb  
Max Poletto  
Bob Pompeani  
M. Kelly Rogers  
John Russell  
Thomas Russell
Kevin Salyer
Michele Santilhano  
Ken Shoemaker  
David Strong  
Todd Teachout
Veronica Tunucci  
Joel Voelz
Nancy Yu  
Gino Zahnd