2008 August and October 200km brevets
2008 August and October 200km brevets

Hi all, 

Please visit the Forms & Downloads page

There, you'll find the updated signup form for the 2008 August and October 200km brevets. A few notes, in advance of a more thorough document soon to be online as well: 
  1. The start location for the August 200km will be the Park and Ride off of Highway 101, at Lucas Valley Road, north of San Rafael. 1a. The route will be Nicasio, Valley Ford, Monte Rio, Jenner (just south of town), Bodega Bay, Marshall, Nicasio and back.
  2. Anyone volunteering to staff the August 17th brevet has the option of riding the Santa Cruz 200km brevet on August 16th for free. (we are hosting any SCR volunteers who wish to ride our brevet after working their SCR brevet). If you want to volunteer for the SFR brevet, send mail to rba@sfrandonneurs.org.
  3. While this is not an ACP event, there will be medals available to current RUSA members who finish the brevet. Purchase of these medals will be through RUSA.
  4. I will *probably* also hold a workers ride about a week before the event. I have several volunteers already for the August ride and some of them can't do any ride on that weekend. Confirmation of this volunteer option will be sent at a later date.
  5. The start location for the October 200km will be the Hercules transit station (park and ride). The route is not finalized yet. 

Looking way down the road for future events, my plan as of right now is to list the following rides for 2009:
200km January
300km February
200km, 300km, 400km and Fleche in some array in March and April
600km in May

The above are intended to be ACP events. I would also hope to run some late season RUSA brevets as well, probably 200kms.  Given the level of support I've received in putting on and planning the 2008 events, I'm confident that we can have a very full schedule of events in 2009. Thanks to all the volunteers so far! 

For 2009, I'd like to also have SFR help support the Davis Bike club in their efforts to host the Gold Rush Randonnee. I don't know yet what those efforts might be, but the GRR is not a trivial event to plan so I'm sure DBC could use our help. 

Comments welcome. 

rob hawks
sfr rba