New 200k Permanent
New 200k Permanent

Thanks to Willy Nevin now there is a 200k Permanent that starts and ends in San Francisco.

This ride starts at Ft Mason where there is a Safeway to check in. (Control 1) ride to Nicassio then out to Petaluma for control 2 from Petaluma to Valley Ford for control 3 Valley Ford back along Hwy 1 thru Tomales and Pt Reyes Station for control 4 then back to Ft Mason thru Samual P Taylor Park for a total of about 203k.

You should be able to get good receipts at all controls but a postcard may be included for Valley Ford just in case as there is only one store there.

This Permanent is available year-round and the fee in $15.

You can see the RUSA page for this Permanent here.