Rider Time Calculator
Rider Time Calculator

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This calculator does NOT calculate Brevet Control closing times. This calculator is rather rider centric and can be used to estimate your Average speed, Elapsed time and Time of day at a given location, based on your input. The Calculator uses as default values, some key places in the San Francisco Randonneurs Ft Bragg 600k, however ALL locations names can be changed along with their mileage and more rows can be added as needed.

To use you can enter a value in any of the form fields, all other related variables are automatically calculated:
Total Miles: The total mileage for the event
Start Time: The Starting time for the event. A value from 0.01 to 23.99 using DECIMAL notation (eg 5:30am = 5.5, usualy events start at the top of the hour)
Hrs to Finish: Enter the number of hours in which you want to complete the event.
Location column: Change the default values if needed to reflect your route controls or the places where you want to get a time estimate
Mile # column: Enter the corresponding milleage to the location where you want to get a time estimate.
"Add Row" button: Will add one additional location. You will need to adjust at least the values on the Mile # column.
"Remove added rows" button: Will remove ALL rows you added and bring the calculator to its default values.
"Print table" button: Will print JUST the table without buttons, something you can bring on the ride to help you track your progress.