Rusa approved SFR 2009 schedule
Rusa approved SFR 2009 schedule

The RUSA board has met and approved the SFR 2009 schedule and has forwarded this to France for inclusion in the ACP calendar. Here are our dates for 2009, and some brief details:

Date Type Distance Description
2009/01/24 ACPB 200 km Traditional course to Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, Start Location: GG Bridge
2009/02/21 ACPB 300 km Traditional course to Healdsburg, Start Location: GG Bridge
2009/04/04 ACPB 400 km Same course as in 2007, Start Location: GG Bridge, Start time will change from 2007 (which was Noon, but will likely be 6am instead)
2009/04/10 ACPF 360 km Teams make their own route, Finish Location is likely to be in SF at a location that serves food and can accomodate all the teams
2009/04/26 ACPB 200 km Note this is a Sunday. This will replicate the Aug. 08 Russian River course and start time.
2009/05/30 ACPB 600 km Traditional course, Start Location: GG Bridge. Note we are co-hosting this with SRCC who will staff a Fort Bragg control
2009/06/13 ACPB 200 km Course is not yet determined. This will most likely be a night-time 200km with a goal of offering more night time riding experience for those riders intending on doing the GRR *and* anyone else that would like to try a night time ride.
ACPB: ACP brevet, ACPF: ACP flèche
I have not yet submitted a reprise of last weekend's Winters 200km but my intention is to do that. It would be a RUSA brevet and not an ACP brevet.

Additionally, there could be some off-road 100km or other populaires added to the schedule.

Permanent routes approved by RUSA are administered by the route owners and not SFR, but I'd encourage anyone looking to ride a permanent with a group to post to the SFRandon list when you would like to get a group together.

Lastly, thanks everyone for a successful 2008 series. I especially appreciate the help of the volunteers who supported our four 2008 brevets and want to make special mention of Mark Behning's work as volunteer coordinator which made my job much easier, Carlos Duque for managing and hosting our website, Jim Gourgoutis for managing the email list, and Bruce Berg for the volunteer work, plus advice and counsel all along the way.

Thanks again.

rob hawks
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