SFR calendar for 2012
SFR calendar for 2012

Hello All,

The ACP Calendar for 2012 requires RUSA to submit entries for US ACP events before October. To allow the RUSA Board to review calendars, RBA's need to submit their entries earlier in September. Based on the work of our Fleche, Populaire and Double Brevet Weekend coordinators, our 1000km committee and Max Poletto who has designed the Old Caz and is working on new routes, and in consultation with the RBA's in Davis, Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa, we have submitted the SFR calendar for 2012:

Sat 1/21 SFR Point Reyes LH 200
Sun 2/12 SFR 200km
Sat 3/10 SFR 300km
Sat 3/31 SFR Populaire
Sat 4/7 Fleche
Sat 4/21 SFR 400km
Sat 5/12 SFR 600k
Thurs 6/21 SFR 1000km
Fri 6/22 SFR 1000km
Sat 6/23 SFR 1000km
Sun 6/24 SFR 1000km
Sat 7/14 SF to Cloverdale 200
Sat 7/14 Boonville 300
Sun 7/15 C'dale to SF 200
Sat 7/28 King Ridge 400km *
Sat 8/25 Old Caz 300km
Sat 9/22 Marin Mountains 200km *
Sat 10/6 Winters 200km
Sat 10/27 SFR Populaire
Sat 11/3 SFR Del Puerto 200km

* New in 2012

That is 17 events for 2012!

Check with the web pages for Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Davis for announcements regarding their events, but as an unofficial, brief summary, all three clubs will offer a full SR series, and Santa Cruz will offer their's as a late Summer/Early Fall series.

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