Randonneuring Related Links
Randonneuring Related Links

Other Northern and Central California Series
We are working cooperatively with other groups promoting brevets in the region. These groups offer alternative dates for several events. RUSA has authorized the following series in Northern and Central California:
Davis Bike Club
Fresno Cycling Club
Santa Cruz Randonneurs
Santa Rosa Cycling Club

Other California and West-Coast Randonnering Groups
B.C. Randonneurs
Oregon Randonneurs
Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs
San Diego Randonneurs
San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club
Seattle International Randonneurs

Other non-North American Clubs
Randonneurs Portugal

In general most of the Motels located on Lombard Street between Van Ness and Divisadero are decent places to stay. They are about 2-3 miles from the starting point of most SFR brevets. Most if not all of those motels have parking lots, it is very easy to ride form there to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are some of the places riders have used in the past:
Travelodge at the Presidio San Francisco $89 AAA rate (Jan, 2008)

View a Google map with turn by turn directions from Lombard St @ Lyon to the start of most SFR events, the Strauss Statue at the South end of the GGB or follow this simple instructions:

  1. Enter the Presidio at the Lyon St @ Lombard St gate
  2. Right on Letterman
  3. Right on Lincoln.
  4. Right on Sheridian (Soon after name changes back to Lincoln, stay on Lincoln)
  5. Right on Vista Acc (About 1.2 miles from previous turn. Unmarked street right before going under underpass)

San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau

Here are some maps for helping you find parking near or at the different starting points of most of our events. Please note you are responsable for verifiying you are allowed to park in these locations.

San Francisco

San Rafael


Places to eat or have a beer after the event
Places to eat (or have a beer) IN the Presidio (A bowling alley, a french restaurant and more)
Liverpool Lil (next to Curbside Cafe another decent place for food )
Curbside Too (unfortunately broken website most of the time)

San Francisco Area Bicycle Maps
(Free Download)
Marin County Bicycle Coalition's Marin Bicycle Map
San Francisco Bike Map
San Mateo County Bicycle Map (scroll to the bottom of page)
Google Maps(Online Mapping)
Google Earth (Free Desktop Mapping Software)
bikely.com (Nice use of Google Maps for mapping Bicycle Routes)
pedometer.com (Another good tool to create bicycle route maps using Google Maps )
everytrail.com (Good for GPS users, also provides means to upload geotaged photos)
bikeroutetoaster.com (Also good tool for GPS users)
TrailRunner for Mac OS X (Great free mapping app. Plays nice with GPS files and among other things it can create maps that can be uploaded/viewed in your iPod or almost any cell phone!)

(Commercial Products)
Krebs Maps

Near States Bike Maps
Oregon Bike Maps (excelent for randonneuring & touring)

Weather Forecasts for the San Francisco Bay Area
WeatherUnderground (Lots of historical data and maybe the best animated radar)
Forecastfox (Toolbar/Statusbar Weather add-on for Firefox browser, highly recommended!)
Golden Gate Bridge Webcam (One thing is to read about weather conditions, another to see it)

Transporting/Storing your Bicycle
San Francisco Int'nal Airport Bicycle Parking Free valet parking for your bike. Up to 14 days!

Ohter Epic Events
Epic events are cyclotouring events that provide great physical challenge, scenery and camaraderie. We wish to recognize those events that embody these traits and have a established a reputation through successful promotion. Participation in an international cyclotouring event like Paris Brest Paris provide opportunities to meet cyclotourists from all over the world. It fosters an awareness of and appreciation for activities beyond American boundaries. To help you become aware of these events we are providing names, descriptions and links (where known) of events we consider epic (randonneuring based events and others). We welcome suggestions for expanding this page.

Paris Brest Paris (PBP)
Gold Rush Randonnee
Boston Montreal Boston
Last Chance Randonnee
California Triple Crown Events
Raid Pyrenee
End to End - Lands End to John O'Groats
Brevet De Randonneur Des Alpes

Governing Organizations
Randonneurs USA
Randonneurs Mondiaux
Audax-Club Parisien