NEXT EVENT: New: Estero Americano 200km. Saturday, Dec 3 2022

2022 Schedule

Event - Distance Date Start Time Time limit Type
Lucas Valley Populaire 112km Sun 1/16 8:00 7.5 hrs RUSA
Dillon Beach 200km Sat 1/29 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Del Puerto Canyon 200km Sat 2/19 8:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Pierce Point 200km Sat 3/12 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Healdsburg 300km Sat 3/12 6:00 20 hrs ACP
Laguna Lake 200km Sat 4/2 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Hopland 400km Sat 4/2 6:00 27 hrs ACP
Bruce Berg Fleche NorCal 360km Sat 4/16 24 hrs ACP
Mendocino Coast 600km Sat 5/7 6:00 40h rs ACP
Two Rock-Valley Ford 200km Sun 5/8 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Pt. Reyes Populaire 117km Sun 5/8 8:00 7.5 hrs RUSA
Two Rock-Valley Ford 200km (Honoring Metin Uz) Sun 6/5 7:00 13.5 hrs
Marin Mountains 200km Sat 6/18 6:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Old Cazadero 300km Sat 7/9 5:30 20 hrs ACP
King Ridge 400km Sat 7/30 5:15 27 hrs ACP
El Paseito Mixto Populaire 103km Sun 7/31 8:00 7.5 hrs RUSA
Lucas Valley Populaire 112km Sun 7/31 8:00 7.5 hrs RUSA
Orr Springs 600km Sat 8/20 5:15 40h rs ACP
Fault Line 200km Sun 8/21 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Sleepy Hollow Populaire 100km Sun 8/21 8:00 7.5 hrs RUSA
Mendocino Coast 600km Sat 8/27 6:00 40h rs ACP
Golden Gate 1000km Thu 9/8 TBD 75 hrs ACP
Freestone Bread Run 200km Sat 9/10 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Metin's Healdsburg 300km Sat 9/24 6:00 20 hrs ACP
Metin's Two Rock-Valley Ford 200km Sat 9/24 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Metin's Point Reyes Populaire 100km Sat 9/24 8:00 7.5 hrs RUSA
SFR DART/DART Populaire 120km Sat 10/1 8 hrs RUSA
SFR DART/DART Populaire 200km Sat 10/1 13.5 hrs RUSA
Winters 200km Sat 10/15 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Del Puerto Canyon 200km Sat 11/5 8:00 13.5 hrs ACP
New: Estero Americano 200km Sat 12/3 7:00 13.5 hrs ACP
Mixed Terrain route, includes unpaved roads and trails.
† Teams start at different times assigned at time of route approval.
For reference purposes only you can preview the routes in the Route Archive page. However, ONLY current year official cue sheets must be used on the event day as there may be changes in the route.

A brevet is a long distance recreational ride that is timed. Brevets are offered in progressively longer distances in order to prepare you for the challenges of the longest events such as the Paris Brest Paris Randonneur (PBP). A brevet tests your endurance and provides a unique opportunity for self discovery.

Depending on the distance, our events will travel northward though Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. The routes will vary from flat to hilly and will include segments of short frequent hills (rollers) as well as include several long hill climbs. Events in the past included the challenges of very strong head winds (gusts to 40 mph), rain, dense ground fog. You can read past events participants' reports by clicking on the linked names on the Brevet Results pages.

San Francisco Randonneurs' brevets are minimally supported events on unmarked roads to keep costs low.

These events are not for beginners.  The courses are hilly and can be windy.  There will be night time riding in the longer events.   You should have completed several century or double century cycling events in the six months before starting a brevet.