Bruce Berg Fleche Northern California
Bruce Berg Fleche Northern California

Registration for the Flèche is handled as follows:

Riders should work directly with each other to create a team, choose a captain, and decide on a route.
Team captains should contact the Flèche Coordinator to receive the link to the team registration page.
The captain is responsible for registering/paying for their team, submitting the route and receiving/distributing brevet cards.
Registration details will be announced on the SFR mailing list in March. Be sure to join the mailing list if you are interestedin riding the Flèche


The Bruce Berge Flèche Northern California is a 24 hour point to point ride of at least 360 km with the end point in the City of San Francisco. Flèche is the French word for arrow. Teams of participants travel one-way down a route of their design (as approved by the Flèche Coordinator) like arrows towards a central target.


Flèche NorCal is modeled on the Flèche Vélocio. First held in 1947, Flèche Vélocio originated as a celebration and memorial to Paul De Vivie and the end of the Christian period of Lent. DeVivie, published the very influential French cyclng magazine “Le Cycliste.” De Vivie used the pseudonym “Vélocio” in his writings.

Vélocio resided in St. Etienne during the most influential period of his life. The distance between these two French cities is approximately 360 km. ACP specified that the Flèche Vélocio be a team ride from Paris to St. Etienne to be completed in 24 hours. Teams develop routes that converge on St. Etienne in the south of France, timing their arrival so that they can enjoy some rest and relaxation before a group meal and social gathering on Easter Sunday. After the event, some immediately return home by train or other means; others may spend a few days on holiday before bicycling home. Vélocio also experimented with the use of the derailleur and multiple ratio gearing. This experimentation occurred decades before the mechanism became widely used


The finish is at Crepes On Cole at 100 Carl Street, San Francisco. San Francisco Randonneurs (SFR) will sponsor a breakfast for registered riders on the morning of Sunday, April 17. Please contact if you are not riding but wish to join the finishing Flèche teams for breakfast. NB: some teams may be asked to change their start time in order to stagger the arrival at the finish location.


All riders on all teams must read and adhere to the RUSA Fleche rules listed here: