General Frequently Asked Questions
General Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the questions people frequently ask. (Please note most answers are also found elsewere in this website.) Got an idea for a question that should make it to this FAQ? Please contact us!

How do I register for your events?

Online by using our Registration page
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What is the refund policy?

The will be no refunds made for entrants who withdraw or fail to show up. Other situations will be evaluated on a case be case basis.  Refunds shall be subject to the following conditions: [1] A  $3.00 deduction will be made from your prepaid entry fees. [2] Each registered rider MUST SUBMIT A WRITTEN OR E-MAILED REQUEST for a refund before December 31, or the year the event was held.  No written request, no refund!  Refund requests are to be sent to:  Rob Hawks, c/o San Francisco Randonneurs, 5630 Santa Cruz Ave., Richmond, CA 94804, or  A SASE return envelope MUST accompany each refund request.

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How many riders can register for an event?

The only events with a rider limit are the events that travel to Point Reyes National Seashore. Yje National Park Service sometimes imposes a maximum number of rideres depending on the roads traveled. This limit is imposed by the National Park Service not SFR. Any limit will be disclosed prior to the event and posted on this website's homepage

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Where is the startting point for SF Randonneurs brevets?
Most of our events start either at the Straus statue located off the vistor center at the South end of the Golden Gate Bridge or at the Crissy Field East Beach parking lot.

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What is Permanent?

From the RUSA website...

  • What is a Permanent?
    A Permanent is like a brevet but you can ride it any time, not just on one specific date. Like brevets, routes can start and finish in the same location, but they can also run point-to-point, and can be any distance of 200km+ (100-199km for a Permanent Populaire). Permanent rides in the US are validated by RUSA.
  • Who can ride a Permanent?
    Permanents are open to any RUSA member.
  • Who can organize one?
    Any RUSA member can organize a Permanent - you do not need to be an RBA. For more information on how to set up a Permanent, refer to the Rules for Permanent Route Owners document.
  • How do I enter a Permanent?
    First check the listing of available routes. Contact the organizer well in advance of your planned riding date - at least four weeks is recommended. The organizer will provide you with an entry form and further information about the ride, including the entry fee. Submit the completed form and fee to receive your control card and cue sheet. At the agreed date and time, obtain a stamp on your card at the start location and you can begin riding.
  • How do the rules differ between a Permanent and a BRM event?
    The rules for riding either are the same. The BRM rules are listed on this web site.
  • Does a Permanent have to be a solo ride?
    No, you may ride a Permanent in a group with others. The rule regarding drafting requires that everyone in the group be entered in the ride. Also, if you have a support crew, the rules allow them to meet you only at the control points.
  • Can I ride a Permanent on any day of the year?
    In theory, yes. However, the date you ride is by agreement between you and the organizer. An organizer may choose to make his/her route available only during certain months, and he/she may need to restrict certain dates due to other personal commitments. Remember, all organizers are unpaid volunteers working for your benefit.
  • Can I use a Permanent ride towards qualification for Paris-Brest-Paris or other foreign brevets?
    No. Permanents are not ACP registered events. ACP will not recognize them for PBP qualification, neither will other organizers outside the US.
  • Can I use a Permanent to qualify for BRM, or other long distance US events?
    This will be at the discretion of the organizer requiring qualification. A rider who wishes to use a Permanent towards qualification for one of these rides should contact the organizer well ahead of time. The Permanent must be as long or longer than the qualifying distance it represents.
  • How quickly after my ride can I expect to receive my validated control card?
    Firstly, y...
    More on this topic >
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Do you offer any Permanents?

SFR and the RBA do not administer or 'own' permanents. However we offer a listing of Permanents offered by fellow San Francisco Randonneurs Members. You can search for other Northern California Permanents at the website

You can see the RUSA page for this Permanent here.

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Can I see sample routes form past events?

Check our Route Archive page. We keep recent cue sheets (and sometimes maps) on the site.

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Got any San Francisco hotel/places to stay recommendations?

We have some links to online resources in our Links page. You can also try posting a message on the SFRandon mailing list to request recommendations   form fellow San Francisco Randonneurs.

In general most of the Motels located on Lombard Street between Van Ness and Divisadero are decent places to stay. They are about 2-3 miles from the starting point of most SFR brevets, The Golden Gate Bridge. Most if not all of those motels have parking lots.

Here are some of the places riders have used in the past:
Travelodge at the Presidio San Francisco $89 AAA rate (Jan, 2008)

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Best bike route to ride from the Lombard St motels to the Golden Gate Bridge?

There are many motels right on, or very near to Lombard St. To ride from the Lombard St. area to the start of many SFR events at the Golden Gate Bridge (Strauss) Plaza:

  • Get on Greenwich St. Runs one block South of busy Lombard St. Do not ride on busy Lombard St!
  • Right on Lyon
  • Left on Lombard to enter the Presidio at the Lyon@Lombard gate
  • Right on Letterman
  • Right on Lincoln.
  • Right on Vista Acc (no sign with street name), the first right after a dirt parking lot, and ride to the Golden Gate Bridge Strauss Plaza. Most events start here.

Want more detailed instructions? View a map with turn by turn directions from Lombard St @ Lyon to the Golden Gate Bridge Plaza (South end of the GGB.),

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I'm flying into SFO with my bike, can I ride into the city from the Airport?

Yes it is possible, however probably the best way to get into San Francisco from the SFO airport is by taking BART (Bikes allowed on the train) and then ride from any of the San Francisco stations to your final destination.

SFO has a very good bike access information page on their website

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Got any Carpool & Parking recommendations?

You can try posting a message on the SFRandon mailing list to request /offer a ride.

For riders coming from the East Bay to San Francisco, AC Transit has the Transbay service Route: 800 All Nighter. Richmond BART to Market St. and Van Ness Ave., S.F., via Macdonald Ave., San Pablo Ave., University Ave., Telegraph Ave. and downtown Oakland. Returns via Market St., West Oakland BART to downtown Oakland and then to Richmond BART.

Here are some maps for helping you find parking near or at the different starting points of most of our events. Please note you are responsable for verifiying you are allowed to park in these locations.

San Francisco

  • Dirt parking lot 200 yards form the Golden gate Bridge (also map of start location for GGB events)
  • Presidio Parking at/near Sports Basement
  • Parking at the Marina Green and the riding directions to the GG Bridge from this parking lot)
  • San Rafael

  • Lucas Valley Park'n'Ride Parking lot at Hwy 101
  • Hercules

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  • Are support vehicles allowed?

    Personal Support vehicles are strongly discouraged as they are not in keeping with the spirit the event. Nevertheless Personal Support vehicles will be allowed at designated controls as approved by the Regional Brevet Administrator. Riders receiving assistance from a Personal Support vehicle along the route will be disqualified. Riders choosing to use a Personal Support Vehicles must register with the Regional Brevet Administrator when you enter the event.

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    Is mechanical support available at the controls?


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    Do you offer a RSS Feeds on your site?

    Sure we do. We offer a news feed (RSS 2.0):

    • The News RSS RSS2 feed. Keep you up to date with stuff directly related to our brevets like changes, announcement of results posted to website, cancellations...

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    How do I conctact the webmaster?

    Send email to Carlos.

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