2020 Dart/Dart Populaire
2020 Dart/Dart Populaire

The San Francisco Randonneurs will be hosting our seventh Dart & Dart Populaire on Saturday June 13th, 2020. We are now accepting registration for teams. Note that the registration process is different from a brevet. There is no registration link on the SFR website; instead interested riders should form a team, design a route, and choose a captain, then have the captain contact the SFR Team Events Coordinator. They will send the team captain registration materials and payment info, and work with them to get the route approved.

Note: SFR will *not* be forming teams, so if you're an individual rider who'd like to ride but don't feel that you know anyone else well enough to form a team you're encouraged to post a message to the SFR mailing list advertising your availability and willingness to follow others mindlessly for hours on end without complaint and with only the odd leaf of arugula for fuel.

Finish: Our finish location is Picante Restaurant, 1328 6th St, near Gilman St in Berkeley.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is $10 per rider, payable by the team captain. Meals/drinks at the finish location are not included in the entry fee, so remember to bring a credit card or cash for your choice of caloric recovery.

Registration deadline: The registration/route submission deadline is Friday, May 30th. No new teams or additional team members will be allowed after this date. The final version of your route must be approved by Wednesday, June 3rd.

About the Dart/Dart Populaire:
  • The Dart is a team event, similar to the Flèche, where multiple teams of 3 to 5 members* will ride a one-way route of at least 200 km during a period of 13.5 hours, with all teams converging on a common finish location.
  • The Dart Populaire is a shorter version of the Dart, where teams must ride at least 120 km in 8 hours converging on a common finish location.
  • As with the Fleche, the goal is to use the entire time limit to cover the distance. Teams may plan a challenging route or a relaxed one as they wish.

(* a member is a bicycle with one or more riders, so a tandem or triple counts as one team member.)

Dart teams will start between 5:00 am and 7:00 am (finishing between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm). 
Dart Populaire teams will start between 9:00 am and 11:00 am, finishing between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
If you're planning to take Capitol Corridor back to the Davis/Sacramento area please check the train schedules so you can choose a start time which will allow you to relax at the finish instead of rushing off to the train station.
Start times may be assigned by the organizer based on how many teams are registered. If your team requires a start time outside of the limits given above contact the SFR Team Events Coordinator to see if you can be accommodated.

You do not need to be a RUSA member to ride in a Dart or Dart Populaire. If you are a RUSA member, successfully completing a Dart counts towards the R-12 award, and counts for 200 km of distance for distance-related awards. The Dart Populaire counts towards the P-12 award and counts for 120 km of distance for distance-related awards. Both the Dart and Dart Populaire are accepted as Team Events for RUSA awards which require a Team Event, such as the RUSA cup.

Useful links:
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