Volunteer Procedures for Start Control
Volunteer Procedures for Start Control

Arrive at the start venue ready to receive instructions one hour before the start of the ride.

Rider check-in at the start: All Randonnees have a rider check-in where registered riders must sign a waiver, and receive their brevet card.

Volunteer responsibility for waiver: The waiver will be on a clip board that is provided by the club. Have rider sign the waiver and date it with the day’s date.

Volunteer responsibility for Brevet Card: The brevet cards will be given to you in a stack with the cards in alphabetical order.
Fill in the ride start time (usually 7am) in the start control box and place your initials in the box near the time. The time should read either ‘7’ or ‘700’ as randonnees record time in the brevet card in 24 hour time, not 12 hour time. Ask if the rider needs a zip lock to protect their card, ask the rider if they would like a paper clip for their receipts.

Volunteer Conduct during Check In: As a volunteer you are a club official, please represent the club in a pleasant and professional manner.

  • If there are a lot of riders who have already checked in crowded around you, request that they move away to allow room for those needing to check in. If you are checking in a portion of the alphabet, say names starting in A-G, please call out the portion of the alphabet you are checking in to aid with riders finding where they need to go – check in for larger rides can be quite chaotic. If a rider has a need or has a question that you cannot, or prefer to not answer, direct them to the ride organizer so you can concentrate on checking in riders.

Pre- Check in Lights and Reflective Gear Check: Some rides we host involve riding at night and we include a check for required night riding gear before a rider can sign the waiver and receive a brevet card.

  • Bring a light – However, do not place the headlamp on your head, wear it around your neck pointing down like a necklace. Placing your headlamp on your head will blind the rider you wish to check. Please call out that you are the light and reflective gear check in to aid riders to find you – check in for larger rides can be quite chaotic. If a rider has no reflective gear, direct them to the ride organizer. If the rider has no lights or cannot operate the lights, direct them to the ride organizer.

After the riders leave: The start control is to remain open and staffed for 30 minutes after the official start time.
Only one person is needed, but it is nice to have company.
After the 30 minutes are up: Compile the list of riders that Did Not Start the ride (DNS): A rider that did not start the ride is marked DNS on the waiver sheet.
Phone into the Day of Contact the DNS list: Call (415)644-8460 and share the list of DNS riders with the day of contact. You may be able to send a text message or email with this info but first confirm with the Day Of Contact volunteer .
Phone into the staffed control the DNS list: If there is a staffed control early in the ride (the SFR lighthouse 200 and the SFR Russian River 300) call the people staffing the control and share the list of DNS riders with them so they are not waiting around for someone who not on the road. This is especially important if the weather is cold or raining.
The club white buckets: The person(s) who remain after the start will have the buckets with the club items. The buckets will need to be given to the volunteers working the first shift of the finish control. Discuss with the ride organizer what to do with the buckets.

Thank you again for Volunteering! We need you to exist as a Randonneuring club.