Volunteer Procedures for Start Control
Volunteer Procedures for Start Control

Start control opening: Start Control Volunteers should arrive at the start venue ready to go at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the brevet. 

Start control documents: The RBA or VC will supply a pdf of the full roster the day before the event that volunteers can print out.

Start control set up: For start controls run during hours of darkness, the start control volunteer should bring a portable lantern or other light source. For start controls where rain is likely, the club has pop-up canopies. (NB: some start control venues, such as the Visitor Plaza at the Golden Gate Bridge, do not allow this equipment so similar but alternate set-up practices will be used.) Registered riders will have signed and submitted an electronic waiver at least 48 hours before the event so all the start control volunteer needs to do is check off the riders on the roster, and possibly initial a brevet card if the rider is using that as proof of passage.

Volunteer assignments for Start Controls: For brevets with rider rosters over 50 riders there will be a max of 2 start control volunteers. If two volunteers are needed they will split the alphabet of registered riders to check them in.

Pre-ride meeting for riders: The RBA or the VC for the event will hold a pre-ride meeting at 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the brevet. It is best that this meeting not be immediately adjacent the sign-in desk. Route details are primary purpose of the pre-ride meeting, plus the RBA or VC may re-emphasize information included in the Info Docs emailed to registered riders in the week before the brevet is held.

Confirming the actual rider roster:  The accuracy of this task is vital. Immediately after the RBA or the VC has signaled the start of the brevet, and once all late-arriving riders have been checked-in, the volunteers should alphabetize the signed waivers, and then match the *unsigned*, pre-printed waivers to the remaining pre-printed brevet cards. There should be a one-to-one match of the unsigned waivers and remaining pre-printed brevet cards, and that will comprise the list of Did Not Start (DNS) riders that will be reported to the Day Of Ride Contact (DORC) at (415) 562-5564. At 10 minutes after the start of the brevet, the Start Control Volunteers should contact the DORC, at which time the DORC may report on late arriving riders. If a rider has called the DORC to report they are running late to check-in, start control volunteers should wait up to one hour after the scheduled start time to check those riders in. NB: Start control volunteers should be sure to inform the DORC of any riders *added* to the roster at the start control (see 'Exceptions' above). If no riders have called by 10 minutes after the scheduled start time to indicate they are running late, then the start control may be closed with the list of DNS riders reported to the DORC.

Volunteer Conduct during Check In: As a volunteer you are representing the San Francisco Randonneurs, so please represent the club in a pleasant and professional manner.  Problems arising during check-in can be handled by the RBA or VC.

Thank you again for Volunteering! The San Francisco Randonneurs can only host brevets because of you.