Volunteer Procedures for Finish Control
Volunteer Procedures for Finish Control

Grocery Shopping:
We ussualy provide snacks and drinks for riders at the Finish Control. In most cases the first shift volunteer/s will do the grocery shopping and bring them with them, however a diferent volunteer may help with this task and also other shift's volunteers can help with this task. There is a google docs spreadsheet grocery list that can be used as a guide for buying the groceries; it calculates quantities based on the number of registered riders. Please ask your Volunteer Coordinator for access to the grocery shpping list. As with all reasonable expenses related to volunteering, volunteers are refunded for the groceries they buy for the Finish Control.

Before you get to the finish venue: Our RBA may have emailed you a finish control document (rider checkin list), if you can, print a copy as a backup to the one that should be included in the venue (White) buckets. Call the volunteers currently at the finish control to check if there is any need for extra food/drinks/supplies. You should have access to their cell phone numbers via the event's volunteer spreadsheet the volunteer coordinator shared with you. Dress for the weather. Bring a watch. If you work a shift during the dark, bring a light – a head lamp is very useful. However, do not place the headlamp on your head, wear it around your neck pointing down like a necklace.

Golden Gate Bridge Plaza: Keep the footprint small. No beer, no chairs, stoves, or awnings. If questioned about a permit by Police, we do not have a permit because the Bridge Manager determined we did not need one. A copy of the email from the Bridge Manager to Rob should be in one of the finish venue (white) buckets. Call Rob if you cannot locate the copy of the email.

Arriving at the finish Venue: Arrive at the finish venue ready to volunteer 15 minutes before your shift starts.

During your Shift: Occasionally call the Day of Contact (415)562-5564 during slow moments, to get an update on the Did Not Finish (DNF) riders that have called in during the ride, and update the check in sheet with the information.
At the end of the last shift: When the last rider has arrived, count the number of brevet cards and compare the number to the sign in clip board – if it is different, figure out who has not been recorded and notify the ride organizer and the day of contact.

Rider check-in at the finish:
All riders will sign the check-in clip board and present their card to the finish volunteers.
Volunteer responsibility for the check in clip board: Record the rider(s) arrival time in 24 hour format (i.e. 1600 for 4pm) and have the rider sign the check-in sheet.
Volunteer responsibility for Brevet Card: Review the card for the following:

  1. Verify that the brevet card is filled out properly and that all receipts have the rider’s name and RUSA number written on them.
  2. Inside the card fill in the finish time in 24 hour format
  3. On the back of the card have the rider sign in the dark box, and On the back of the card have the rider sign in the dark box, and leave the ride elapsed time blank – the RBA will fill in the elapsed time.
  4. Keep a zip lock handy to keep the brevet cards in and keep the cards in alphabetical order. If you fill up the zip lock, place the full zip lock in one of the club white buckets and start a new zip lock.

Volunteer Conduct during Check In: As a volunteer you are a club official, please represent the club in a pleasant and professional manner.

  • Call out the time when they arrive.
  • If a large group arrives at the same time, call out the time and tell them they all have the finish time. Ask them to be patient as each rider signs the clip board.
  • If a second large group arrives while checking in a large group, call out the time and tell them they all have that finish time and that things are a little crowded and ask for their patience. Repeat as necessary.
  • Point out the snacks to the rider and invite them to indulge themselves. If you have the free hands, make a cup of noodles or provide a warm drink to those in need.
  • Police the area and make sure that trash does not get out of hand or get blown around by the wind.
  • Collect borrowed club reflective gear and helmets and place in the club white buckets.

Thank you again for Volunteering! We need you to exist as a Randonneuring club.